⚫ 15 days before journey 80% of total tour price will be deducted, 30 days before journey 50% of total tour price will be deducted.
⚫ 60 days before journey 30% of total tour price will be deducted.
⚫ Balance full Payment of ticket value should be paid in full 15 days before commencement of the journey, falling Company reserve the right to cancel the reservation.
⚫ The particular money for sightseeing should be paid in advance to Company Office or to the Tour Manager.
⚫ Child for 1 to 4 years, Service Charge Rs. 2000/- should be paid in advance.
⚫ Child for 5 to 10 years 10% discount is allowed from total value of the ticket.
⚫ Child for 1 to 4 years no seat will be provided unless full payment is made for the seat.
⚫ For cancellation charges wide our Rules & Regulations as per Booklet/Final Ticket.
⚫ Full Payment will be made at office before commencement of Journey.
⚫ No Risk for Video/Tape and No responsible if any break down its free Service
⚫ After Agreement if any increase in any Tax Rate of diesel, motor oil etc. will must pay by the party.
⚫ Advance money will be forfeited after the change of date or cancellation.
⚫ Any kind of dispute will be settled at the Durgapur Court
⚫ Passenger list must be submitted at the office before 7 days from journey.
⚫ Tax applicable as per Govt. rules